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Dance Lessons

How to Prepare for Dance Lessons in Sydney

Being a contemporary metropolitan city in Australia, Sydney has a vast variety of dance training studios where you can attend and become a pro. No matter the kind of dance you are planning to start learning, you will be taught to become a professional dancer right in this city. The dance lessons offered are tailor-made to suit your needs, personality and your temperament. You can choose to do Jazz, Hip-hop, Ballet, Latin, Salsa, Cha Cha, Tap, modern musical theatre, Afro-dance, Lyrical etc. All these are offered in various studios in Sydney, all you have to do is carrying a good research before settling into a studio.
Most of the dance studios in Sydney usually have a certain dress code wear and even school colours thus you can’t just wear anything. Let’s look at some of the key tips to consider while preparing for your dance lessons; remember this is just as any other classes or lectures you have been attending only that it is fun-full, therefore give it the seriousness it deserves.

While Preparing for Your Dance Lessons

First things first:
• Your dressing – as mentioned earlier, don’t go shopping for tights, leotard, yoga pants and exercising bras or tracksuits if you have not consulted your dance studio. The same applies to your shoes; nevertheless, you should be comfortable to dance around.
• Your hair – if you got long hair, you have to fix it in ponytail, braid, or bun but it should not be around your face. You can also arrange it to settle in one fixed location. You should not be stopping your dances to go and redo your hair.
• Packing the essentials – your bag should have enough space to pack everything you need in the dance studio like your shoes, deodorant, hairbands, water bottle, stretch gears, makeups, leg warmers etc. but don’t wear some makeups when attending the lessons, it will be messed up by the sweat
• Preparing for your lesson – take some healthy but light snack before the lesson, always arrive 15 minutes before time, do some stretches before the lessons to make yourself ready.

Important Tips to Consider While Preparing for Dance Lessons

Preparation has always been a key to success in everything and in dance lessons, the rule is not bent. Great preparation for your dance lessons will eventually make you a pro. Consider the following tips as part of your preparation:
• Ensure you bring some extra hair ties or hairbands to keep your hair well fixed in one position
• Remember water is your best friend as long as you will attend dance lessons, thus make sure to carry lots of water; have a bottle of water with you
• Always take your water before and after classes
• It is advisable you pack everything in the night before; don’t pack in the morning
• Wear the dress code as recommended by your dance studio
• It is advisable you carry some healthy snack
• Always tie double knots to your laces and tuck them in your shoe
• It will do no harm having some first-aid in your bag like bandages, finger/toe tape, a washcloth etc.
• Ensure you carry a notebook and a pen, you never know, maybe there some tips you need to jot down
• You can have some leg warmers to avoid some ankle injuries
• Carry your phone but put it in silent mode, you can record some dance moves with it

With the above, you are sure your dance lessons will be awesome since there are very good dance classes in Sydney. In case you don’t like the public lessons, you can always book private dance lessons.