Living in New Zealand


As the location for the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, it is clear why New Zealand attracts a great number of visitors every year. New Zealand is world famous for its scenic beauty, clean environment, adventure activities and friendly people, as well as the education opportunities it offers. Stunning landscape, unique wildlife and unspoilt beaches are some of the features that make New Zealand so special. The climate is mild throughout the year, the water is pure, and the air is fresh. The culture of the native Maori people is at the heart of this country, and the many different cultures that are now present help to make New Zealand the unique place it is today. We know you will love our beautiful islands.


Christchurch is the South Island’s largest city with a population of around 300,000. Known as the ‘Garden City’ because of its many beautiful parks and flower gardens, Christchurch has a lot to offer. The residents enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle and the wide selection of restaurants, cafes and entertainment options indicate the growing international influence. Located in the Canterbury region, Christchurch is surrounded by incredible scenery and outdoor activities. Less than 2 hours from the city you can ski, bungee jump, hike, mountain bike, raft, surf, swim, golf, see whales, dolphins and seals, as well as visit wineries and much, much more!

Our city has always been a popular destination and has continued to attract visitors throughout the many changes of the past few years. The New York Times listed Christchurch as number 2 on their ’52 Places to Go in 2014.’ Christchurch was also on Lonely Planet’s ‘Top 10 Places to Visit in 2013.’

Christchurch has an excellent reputation for education, both in New Zealand and throughout the world. Studying in an English speaking country is an extremely effective way of learning the language. WELS has been successfully teaching international students English in Christchurch for 15 years.